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Welcome to Castle School Prep

We are a small independent school based in the heart of the county, providing education from 3 years.  As part of Castle School Pembrokeshire we meet the needs of pupils up to and beyond 16 years. Click/touch here for more about our Senior School.

Children have the opportunity to learn through the outdoors, through three languages, through doing not just learning about.  A day a week is spent at our Outdoor School – a purpose built  log cabin classroom nestling in 5 acres of woods and grassland and we introduce children to modern language learning as soon as they arrive with us.  It is a true delight to see five year olds chattering away in Spanish or Welsh.  Our aim is to deliver an exciting curriculum that meets all the requirements of the National Curriculum – and then some.

We have a Head of Curriculum who ensures that, whilst the focus maybe the Outdoors, Spanish etc., the basics are not forgotten.  We work closely with our senior school toward a seamless transition to year 7 – whether children are staying on with us, entering the local state system or moving further afield – our aim is confident, happy pupils who are at the top of their game, ready for the adventures that lie ahead and equipped with skills to help them in the next stage of their education.