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Castle School Prep celebrates learning.  We strive to offer a high quality education, with the child at the centre of their learning.  We provide stimulating activities, which incorporate the key skills of literacy, numeracy and digital competence, and which place an emphasis on thinking skills, fun and the use of the outdoors.

The curriculum at Castle School Prep is organised into nine curriculum areas:

  • Language, Literacy and Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Health and Wellbeing, including Physical Education
  • Languages
  • Science
  • Social Science – History and Geography
  • Technologies
  • Expressive Arts
  • Religious and Moral Education

Castle School Prep is a Thinking School. This is an accredited international approach to the teaching of thinking. Children are taught to think reflectively, critically and creatively. They are expected to apply their knowledge in new ways, to disassemble and reassemble the world around them.

Our thinking school approach is used in schools across the UK and has been identified by Estyn and Ofsted as having long term benefits for children’s learning, enabling them to become independent learners and achieve well. (http://www.thinkingschool.co.uk/ckeditor_assets/attachments/41/effects-of-becoming-a-Thinking-School-ofsted-quotes.pdf)

Combining small classes, a caring ethos and an inspiring, skills-based curriculum, the focus is on developing children’s academic skills alongside their creative talents, enabling them to become happy, independent and effective learners.  

There is an early introduction to modern languages, use of our senior school facilities to experience science in a ‘real lab’ and, as pupils move up the school, increasing preparation for secondary school.  Without diluting the important and joyous experiences of primary we are committed to really preparing our pupils for the next stage in their education. We ensure they have knowledge and understanding of the secondary system and will leave our prep excited, confident and ready, both emotionally and academically, for ‘big school’.